08 August 2006

The Cedi

For months I have listed specific items which I have paid for, or the cost of living in the local currency, the cedi (p. seedy).

The cedi has recently undergone a devaluation to just a tiny fraction of it's former worth, for a plethora of reasons, and has created an inflated economy in which the cost of any good has risen several times.

Not only did this doom any chance of savings for the small percentage of people who put their money away for keeping, but it created an entirely worthless pesawa, whose relation to the cedi is similar to the cent's summation to a dollar.

Indeed, after this serious devaluation, the value of a one pesawa coin is rarely worth the sand it has displaced when you stumble across one on the road.

Even 20 and 50 cedi coins, which pay for just a fraction of a sachet water pack, or piece of bubble gum, bring a sigh to my face when given to me as balance (change), because I know I will be lugging them around with me for the forseeable future.

With this severely devalued currency, and inflated price of imports, I have purposely left out the conversion to $CDN or the USD, in hopes that I would one day get a chance to ask a question like this:

Based on the following products, whose average price I have outlined in the local currency, the cedi, please comment on the exchange rate which you think is accurate between the cedi and the Canadian dollar. I ask that you comment without aid, and if you do look up the conversion, please refrain from posting, as it makes this less interesting for myself and others.

Purified sachet of potable water: ¢400
300mL bottle of Coca-Cola or similar mineral (pop): ¢4000
250mL of soy milk: ¢6000
Watche from a street vendor (full serving of rice and beans): ¢2000-¢3000
A delicious egg sandwich: ¢3000
A personal sized pizza at a Tamale restaurant: ¢60 000
A can of Pringles: ¢28 000
A one-night stay at the fabulous Maacos Hotel (see Accomodations INDEPTH for more info): ¢50 000
A deep-fried doughball at a tro-tro station: ¢500
1 hard-boiled egg: ¢1200
Transit from Damongo to Tamale (3 hour journey): ¢20 000

Based on these average prices for specific items and services, guess the conversion! Remember don't cheat.


Anonymous Justin said...

Good game. I'm going with 1 CAD = 5000-6000 Cedis.

14 August, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Testing. This is Luke. I'm using your blog to test out posting messages.

28 September, 2006  
Blogger Kyle said...

Of the two ever entrants to the Cedi contest, Justin was the closest, primarily because he put in a number.

Sorry Luke, better luck next year. You'd think you would've won... what living in Ghana and all.

The actual conversion, as of August 2006, was ¢8000 Ghanaian Cedis to $1CDN

19 October, 2006  
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