10 August 2006

Shots from the farm

Because I haven't provided any recent pictures, here are some shots from the excursion to YahYah's farm:

The road to the farm; some sections are in far better shape than others. The mud easily washes away in the heavy summer rains, leaving exposed boulders, rocks and ditches several feet deep as a surprise as we approach on our bikes.

The farm, which was cleared using slash and burn methods, sprouts sweetyam plants, cassava and the occassional watermelon in a weaving sea of dirt mounds. The yam plants yearn for the sun and crawl up the charred branches of the trees' ashy remains.

Yahyah clears the farm with some help. The plant in the front of the pictures is that of cassava, whose signature leaves provide essential nutrients in the rural Ghanaian diet.


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